Pirantin - No refund terrible quality

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I ordered a necklace and a pair of earrings that were of horrible quality.My significant other took one look and laughed at their quality.

I called the "company" and the British bloke told me he would e-mail me a return authorization when we got finished with the call. He proceeded to send me an e-mail saying I couldn't return either item and then wouldn't take my calls. This place is absolutely a waste. Just as long as they got their money.

I would have been better off opening up the door and throwing out the money then the quality and service I received.What a waste, never again.

Review about: Poor Quality Jewelry.


London, England, United Kingdom #780623

This is kevin from pirantin. I remeber this customer. We refunded the nacklace for the customer but i am afraid that due to our terms and conditions as stated on the website and the national standard we are unable to issue a refund on earring as they may have been worn and can pass on infection.

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